AIMA was born in Italy in January 1985 and in Campania in January 2000 with AIMA Napoli Onlus, a non-profit association which has as its main objective the improvement of the quality of life of older people healthy and / or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease ( and related dementias) and their families through a role both political and helpful.

In particular since forever AIMA Napoli Onlus proposed an innovative biopsychosocial model of care: “AIMA…AMIAMOCI” Model, shared by a network of international experts, as part of a process of humanization, and continuity of care. This Model, through appropriate strategies and customized intervention methods, allows the total care of the inseparable dyad “Person with Dementia / Caregiver”. “AIMA…AMIAMOCI” is a social network of support and care that works for the realization of some key objectives: the humanization places of care, the prevention and promoting health, fitness and quality of care, the awareness of the political institutions and public opinion against the disease, the formation of formal and informal caregivers, and the strengthening of research.

Among the main services: Regional Listening Center, Casa AIMA, cognitive stimulation and art therapy laboratories, Self Help Groups, Alzheimer Coffee, educational etc ..

Keywords: Listening, Hospitality, Accompaniment, Acceptance, Support, Love …


Contact: Caterina Musella 00390817400245 – 00393319331599 –

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