In 2004 Idea, S.L was born as an integration of professionals specialized in the healthcare sector. Idea S.L aims to constitute a group of companies with international projection being a leader in the social and healthcare sector. Search for being characterized by a high level of quality, innovation and people-centred care in all its centres and services. Idea offers:

Idea as a social-sanitary centres manager and consultancy with a sample of n > 1500 users, participates in the next research lines: longitudinal and transversal studies based on changes associated with aging, study on different pathologies in the area of the health in adults, new technologies for the elderly, advice on the development of interfaces, accessibility, usability and product testing on the sample, AAL, serious games, lifelong programs, new therapies studies applied to aging in the bio-psycho-social field in dementias, testing new cognitive, emotional and social assessment, correlation between new and traditional cognitive treatments, developing of the educational programs related to the field of the elderly.


Contact Person:

Pilar Suárez ,PhD

Camino de esquiroz, nº6, oficina 3

CP: 311920, Cizur Menor, Navarra


Phone: +34-948856025