Newsletter June 2021

A participant testing the ehcoBUTLER platform. Source: INTRAS

Since October 2020, ehcoBUTLER project’s partners have been working particularly on the pilot tests
of the platform. The tests aim to analyse if the characteristics of the system are ergonomically and
functionally adjusted and adapted to the needs of older people with mild cognitive impairment.
The Covid-19 crisis made it challenging to organise the testing process as the participants of the
ehcoBUTLER pilot are older people with cognitive impairment, representing one of the most
vulnerable groups to the virus. Nevertheless, partners managed to successfully recruit and train
participants in four pilot sites (INTRAS – Spain -, TME – Spain -, AIMA – Italy – and ASBAR –

340 seniors
273 used
the platform
128 participants
completed the
4 months use
of the platform

Through the pilot tests, we witnessed that the tandem cognitive stimulation – promotion of well-being
and leisure through the ehcoBUTLER platform, facilitates the improvement of the quality of life of the
elderly and promotes their health, well-being and social interaction in different ways.
The pandemic resulted in lockdowns hindered the testing process in Clalit (Israel), Vidavo (Greece)
and Assitel (Serbia). The piloting will take place as soon as the COVID-19 measures are lifted in the
above-listed countries.
We will keep you posted on the development of the project and the remained pilot tests! Stay tuned,
follow us on social media.

Newsletter June 2021
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